Week 22 Physiology

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Metabolic rate

  • Definition
    • Amount of energy liberate per unit time
  • Factors affecting metabolic rate
    • Muscle exertion is most important in raising MR
    • Factors affecting metabolic rate
  • Basal metabolic rate
    • The metabolic rate determined at rest in a room at a comfortable temperature in the thermoneutral zone 12 to 14 h after the last meal
    • Falls 10% during sleep and falls 40% during starvation


Respiratory quotient

  • The ratio in the steady state of the volume of CO2 produced to the volume of O2 consumed per unit of time
  • RQ
    • Carbohydrates 1
    • Fat 0.7
    • Protein 0.82


Viva questions:

  1. What is the respiratory quotient ?
  2. What factors affect metabolic rate ?
  3. Tell me about the digestion of carbohydrates (or proteins, or fats).
  4. Tell me about the digestion of fats.
  5. Tell me about the digestion of proteins.
  6. Tell me about water handling by the G-I tract.
  7. Tell me about the handling of dietary iron by the body