Week 11 Anatomy

Popliteal fossa:

  • Superficial Boundaries
    • Superiorly – diverging hamstrings
    • Inferiorly – two heads of gastrocnemius, and plantaris(laterally)
    • Roof – skin and popliteal fascia
  • Deep Boundaries
    • Superiorly – diverging medial and lateral supracondylar lines of femur
    • Inferiorly – soleal line of tibia
    • Anteriorly – popliteal surface of femur, knee capsule and popliteal fascia
  • Contents (medial to lateral and deep to superficial)
    • Popliteal artery
    • Popliteal vein
    • Tibial nerve then common fibular nerve (Common fibular nerve follows biceps femoris tendon and goes laterally.)
    • Termination of small saphenous vein
    • Posterior cutaneous nerve of thigh
    • Popliteal LN
    • Politeal artery – deepest structure.
    • Adductor canal –> inferolaterally–> inferior border of politeus –> anterior and posterior tibial artery.



Knee joint:

  • Femur and tibia, patella and femur
  • Synovial hinge joint – flexion, extension
  • Poor bony congruence
  • Stability depends on surrounding muscles and ligaments
    • Quadriceps femoris is key
    • Collateral and cruciate ligaments
    • ACL – anterior tibia plateau, medial posterior aspect of lateral condyle
    • PCL – posterior tibia plateau, lateral anterior aspect of medial condyle
    • Fibular collateral – cord like – lateral epicondyle to fibular head
    • Tibial collateral – flat- medial epicondyle to medial condyle/superior tibia.
  • Capsular attachments
    • Femur superiorly, encloses the condyles, opening posteriorly for politeus, attached to edges of menisci.
  • Menisci – fibrocartilage


What is the “screw-home” movement?

When knee is extended the femur rotates medially on tibia and locks into place to give more stability. Popliteus is required to unlock the knee from full extension

Attachments on superior surface of tibia from anterior to posterior:

  • Medial meniscus (anterior horn).
  • Anterior cruciate.
  • Lateral meniscus (anterior horn).
  • Lateral meniscus (posterior horn).
  • Medial meniscus (posterior horn).
  • Posterior cruciate.
  • Mnemonic: ”Many Amorous Ladies Like My P____” (your choice).